This is a wand for Awakening to your true self, becoming clear in your desires, taking aligned action to bring them into being.


Handmade with love and intention. Feijoa wood pruned from my fruit trees, hand drawn pyrography, gemstones cleansed in the sea, ready to be filled with your intent.



Awakens psychic ability and encourages spiritual growth. Connects us to our greater awareness and releases baggage from the past. This makes amethyst the perfect stone for past life regression and future life travel, as it releases the illusion of time and connects our spirit to oneness. Amethyst speaks directly to the soul keeping you in tune with your feelings and allowing you to know yourself on a deeper level. Repels negative energy, attracts positive energy, relieves stress, encourages inner strength and protection.



Supports the solar plexus chakra, powered by the sun, it warms, cleanses and energises your body. A stone of light, happiness and prosperity, giving you confidence and strength. It never needs cleansing as it doesnt hold negative energy. Brings clarity and aids manifestation. Activates imagination, joy and positivity. It gives you a feeling of a sunny day making you feel optimistic about life.



Stone of health and energy, enhances passion and pleasure. Moves chi and energy within the body stimulating physical activity. Helps with depression, brings joy and hope, helps lessen anger directed at yourself. Cleanses chakras of negative energy, reenergizing them in the process.


Ankh symbol: Life, fertility, protection, spiritual healing



Algiz: Protetion

Mannaz: Self love, Earth Magick, being present

Dagaz: Self transformation
Raido: A Journey of the spirit, self transformation, healing the inner self, nature in balance, communication and union.

Amethyst Wand with Citrine and Garnet