Rhiannon Mackintosh

RHInventive is an amalgamation of my love for crystals, healing, jewellery and crafting, while connecting with Mother Earth and Source Energy.
Hi I’m Rhiannon, thank you for stopping by and checking out my website.


I live on the Hibiscus Coast north of Auckland, with my beloved husband and three amazing boys. Because of where I live, I’m also never far from the beach, so whether it’s walking, swimming, gathering in circle with my soul sisters, collecting shells and driftwood, or cleansing crystals for my creative projects, you will often find me there!


I’ve always been drawn to making sacred objects out of treasures found in nature. I also love to be surrounded by crystals and I bring them into many areas of my life. With these two elements, I enjoy creating healing talismans such as jewellery and wands for sacred, ritual use.


Throughout my lifetime, I’ve always expressed myself through my creativity, as an artist, graphic designer, paper crafter, jewellery designer and creator. 

I have been reading tarot and oracle cards for myself and my loved ones for over 20 years and recently felt called to share my psychic gifts more widely, as a way to help people on their healing journeys.

As well as sacred adornments and performing readings, I am also  second degree Reiki certified. This allows me to be a clear channel for the loving, healing energies of Reiki, which are assisted by the complementary and subtle power of crystals.


I would love to connect with you soon!

sacred adornment & tools to help you step into your divinity