This is a wand to transmute all of that negative self talk and doubt into pure positive and abundant potential while keeping you safe and grounded.


Handmade with love and intention. Feijoa wood pruned from my fruit trees, hand drawn pyrography, gemstones cleansed in the sea, ready to be filled with your intent.


Tourmalated Quartz
Tourmalated Quartz is a Crystal Quartz that has formed together with Black Tourmaline, with the Tourmaline penetrating the Quartz and creating the description ‘tourmalated’.
It helps you eliminate destructive patterns. A powerful crystal that will ground and protect you while increasing your personal power.
It’s an excellent shield crystal that will amplify energies that are sent your way. A crystal of motivation that will encourage you to move forward to the good, especially if you combine it with pyrite.
Combining the healing properties of the Quartz Crystal and the Black Tourmaline. The fusion of these two creates a potent healing energy that will restore peace and harmony in your life. It will also bring clarity to your life by amplifying the good energies and eliminating the negative energies.
It will ground your root chakra with the earth and stimulate the balance in your energy system, as well as in your physical body and personal auric field.
It will give wisdom during your times of stress and help you identify the sources of your distress in your environment.


This stone has a strong vibration and is an excellent aid in communication (throat chakra). Its helpful in developing psychic abilities and intuition, known as the gemstone of insight (3rd eye chakra). This stone promotes the highest form of self-expression. In ancient times artists were known to carry Sodalite for inspiration. Brings strong clarity to your thoughts, which makes it useful if you are a teacher, writer or student as they assist you to understand the deeper philosophical principles. Calms  emotions, builds self esteem and helps you let go of negativity. 



Stone of health and energy, enhances passion and pleasure. Moves chi and energy within the body stimulating physical activity. Helps with depression, brings joy and hope, helps lessen anger directed at yourself. Cleanses chakras of negative energy, reenergizing them in the process.



Green Aventurine is the 'Stone of Opportunity,” thought to be the luckiest of all crystals, especially in manifesting prosperity and wealth, or for increasing favor in competitions. It has a winning energy and releases old patterns, habits and disappointments so new growth can take place. It brings optimism and a zest for life, confidence, creativity, motivation and helps you to embrace change.

Tourmilated Quartz wand with Sodalite moon, garnet and aventurine