This wand is a big confidence booster! It’s Creative, Life force energy enhances your personal power. Allowing you to focus on manifesting your best life.


Handmade with love and intention. Driftwood gathered on New Zealand beaches, gemstones cleansed in the sea, ready to be filled with your intent.


Clear quartz:

Known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy or intention and the qualities of crystals close to it. A stone of manifestation, which energises and activates energy centres in the body. Helps you think clearly, allowing you to focus and get clear about dreams and desires. Helps remove blockages in your body so energy can flow smoothly.

Spiritually Quartz is an excellent stone for psychic healing.  It can assist in balancing all chakras, aligning subtle bodies and is great for assisting meditation and spiritual communication.  It is also a great stone for protecting the aura and enhancing psychic abilities.  It absorbs all negative energy of all kinds including radiation and electromagnetic smog.



Supports the Sacral chakra enhancing sexual vitality and confidence in your sensuality. Increases personal power and physical energy, courage, compassion and boosts creativity. Carnelian awakens hidden talents, daring you to approach new projects and follow your dreams. A good stone to wear to a job interview as it brings good luck and opportunity.



Supports the solar plexus chakra, powered by the sun, it warms, cleanses and energises your body. A stone of light, happiness and prosperity, giving you confidence and strength. It never needs cleansing as it doesnt hold negative energy. Brings clarity and aids manifestation. Activates imagination, joy and positivity. It gives you a feeling of a sunny day making you feel optimistic about life.



Stone of health and energy, enhances passion and pleasure. Moves chi and energy within the body stimulating physical activity. Helps with depression, brings joy and hope, helps lessen anger directed at yourself. Cleanses chakras of negative energy, reenergizing them in the process.


Cowrie shells:

Represent goddess protection, and prosperity. As they resemble the lifegiving organs of the feminine, they are also known as the giver of life.

Laser quartz crystal wand with Carnelian, Citrine & Garnet