Sacred Jewellery to support you through times of change.

Gemstones and beads cleansed in the sea water, ready to be programmed by you &  filled with your intent.

This stone teaches you patience and helps to remove rage and uncontrolled anger, while helping to ensure calm and reasoned communication. It can calm turbulent emotions (especially those that have past life causes), stills the mind and is excellent for sleep and meditation. Howlite absorbs stress, tension, anxiety and other intense emotions. When howlite is placed on the heart chakra it will renew your patience and love for others, cooling heated emotions and regaining emotional balance.

Howlite links us to the spirit realm and prepares the mind for wisdom and insights to be sent. It helps open memories of other lives if placed on the third eye. ​Howlite reminds you to connect with the moon, its cycles and the spiritual benefits derived from the moon's receptive vibrations. This stone is used to open your intuitive skill. When using howlite during meditation it will enhance your telepathic, psychometric and visionary intuition. Howlite will assist you in learning the lessons of mindfulness to the Divine and respect all mankind. It also teaches you to pay respect to your elders as well as the environment, by encouraging you to take no more than you need.

Howlite also strengthens the memory and instills a need for knowledge, keeping the mind clear of chatter, assisting in staying focused.

Howlite unmasks delusion and illusion in your life, exposing occasions of deluding yourself and others. It creates and tears down realities, and expands your consciousness.

Needs cleansing regularly.

Howlite and Tassle Macrame Necklace