How to use a wand

A wand is a tool of manifestation.

Magick is manifestation; using the power of your words and intent to create.
Speaking the words aloud gives the intention power,

while the crystals amplify and give focus to the energy you are projecting.

Abracadabra -  'I create as I speak'.

You are the magick the wand is the tool 


Manifestating with your wand... 

hold your wand in your right hand and speak your intention aloud.

While you speak it, visualise what you want to create, seeing it as if its already a part of your life.
Visualise these intentions moving from your hand through the wand and out into the universe.


You can use the wand as a talking stick, eg in a circle, the person with the talking stick has the attention and focus of the whole circle.

You can use the wand to cast a circle. I use it to call in the directions when I create a sacred space.

As I face each direction I hold the wand and point it as I speak about each direction, turning counterclockwise.

Also this is creating a circle of power and protection: to create, to read cards, set an intention.