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Super Seven stone, also commonly known as Melody stone or Sacred Stone. This gemstone is so buzzing and lively that it truly takes you into an entirely new world—a powerhouse of psychic energy. removes the blocks that are holding you back from your life purpose, and stimulates the soul to its divine brilliance—a catalyst for expansion and transformation. 
Very healing, bringing you protection while releasing negative emotions and past patterns. aids purification of your soul, allowing you to reach a place of clarity, focus, creativity, and positivity.
This stone is a combination of seven different crystals, therefore carries the properties of all seven crystals as one. It is for the same reason that it is one of the most powerful stones available for healing purposes. Super Seven retains its own energy in abundance and never requires cleansing or energizing.
The 7 crystals or minerals of this powerful stone are:
healing; which helps in curing the emotional and physical ailments. helpful in solving nervous problems, insomnia, nightmare and most importantly balancing the crown chakra.
Cacoxenite: contains positivity and has the ability to make good even better. It opens spiritual pursuits and empowers the super seven to dispel all sorts of negativity.
Smoky Quartz: Helps you to stay alert, focused and in your power and in harmony with the surroundings. Healing and protective. Enhances the quality of becoming astute in business.
Clear Quartz: A powerful healer and known for amplifying and strengthening auras. Quartz crystal helps in continuity of the flow of energy and amplifies other stones.
Rutile or Rutilated Quartz: brings optimism, joy and harmony. Strengthens love, brings stability in love and relationships, mental balance and growth in spiritual aspirations.
Geothite: helps you make clear cut decisions and helps in concentrating and focusing on the tasks ahead. Also provides balance between the positive and the negative energies.
Lepidocrocite: A Quartz crystal, which enhances intellectual ability. Helps in making contact with the angles and the guides of spirits during meditation. The metaphysical properties of this stone align you with the Divine source and help in releasing fear. It also provides sound thoughts and emotional grounding.
Super Seven has the vibrations of all the seven crystals discussed above making it a very high frequency stone and one of our must-have stones for the home to bring in high vibes and protection.

Super 7 Macrame Necklace